13 december 2022 – Verona Intervista Radio Adige TV (canale 19)

13.12 2022 Intervista

Giorgia Preti conduttrice – ospiti Laura e Beatrice Puiu

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Corneliu Rădulescu (pianist and musicologist)

“20 fingers, 4 hands, 2 pianists, 1 or 2 pianos = a recital. 20 fingers, 4 hands, “The twins of Verona”, 1 or 2 pianos = a MUSICAL GIFT. After listening to Laura and Beatrice Puiu, all you want is to listen to them again. The music they make envelops you, absorbs you and lifts […]


Alberto Cima (musicologist, writer and pianist)

Music critic, journalist and pianist Article published in the national magazine “Suonare News, the musicians’ monthly magazine” – June 2010 “Those who love us follow us “ “Twins, pianists, always in vital and artistic symbiosis. They have sensitive people next to them who accompany them in every step of their concert journeys and didactic hours. […]


Municipio Sommacampagna (Verona)

Certificate of artistic merit 2012 – “To the international piano duo Laura & Beatrice Puiu for having contributed to keeping up the prestige and name of this Community, in the peculiar international environment of Music, and in recognition of the precious and tireless work done for the enhancement of our territory and in favour of […]


Katia & Marielle Labeque (piano duo)

“… and to conclude, this Festival (“Pianoscope Festival” Beauvais-Paris 12th edition 2017), is an opportunity to discover Laura & Beatrice Puiu, twin sisters born in Romania. They did their studies in Italy and are now having a beautiful international career. “We can’t forget that Italy is our country of origin and we are very fond […]