13 december 2022 – Verona Intervista Radio Adige TV (canale 19)

13.12 2022 Intervista

Giorgia Preti conduttrice – ospiti Laura e Beatrice Puiu

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Piotr Lachert (Polish pianist, composer and writer)

“Laura and Beatrice have received the privilege only the greatest of the great musicians were granted with, and that is the very rare quality of possessing “the Whole” and of reproducing it in full harmony while playing. Crystal clear piano technique, intuitive and intelligent understanding of the in the musical notation hidden composers’ proposals, colour […]


Oana Rădulescu Velcovici (pianist and musicologist)

Concert pianist, Professor at the National University of Music in Bucharest Tuscany, August 2013 “(…) Laura and Beatrice (…) Fine musicians, possessing the rare depth of text understanding  and a splendid piano mastery. You also have a special gift for playing in Duo on the piano because you breathe, feel and think as one being. […]


18 maggio 2019 – Marie Claire magazine interview

Intervista di Patrizia Mirabella sulla rivista “MARIE CLAIRE”, in occasione del recital presso Intesa SanPaolo del duo pianistico Laura & Beatrice Puiu a Piano City Milano 2019. Maggio 2019 Clicca qui per leggere Link intervista   “Ho ascoltato il suono di Milano per un intero weekend grazie alla simbiosi di due sorelle pianiste”  La storia di […]


Cittadinanza Onoraria di Sestino (Arezzo) 2013

Honorary Citizenship of Sestino (Arezzo) 2013 Sunday, August 4, 2013, after a wonderful concert, the Directors and the mayor Elbo Donati went on the stage of the Teatro Comunale “P. Cavallini” of Sestino (Arezzo) and announced that the City Council had approved to grant the honorary citizenship to the two pianists Laura and Beatrice Puiu. […]