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Twins Laura and Beatrice Puiu are one of the most important Piano Duos of the international Music panorama. They are very talented and expressive with a special gift for creative interpretation.” (Alberto Cima “Suonare News” 2010)

Steinway Artists, originally from Bucharest, twins Laura and Beatrice started studying piano at the age of four at the “G. Enescu” School of Arts.  They were only nine years old when they won the “Città di Stresa” International Music Competition in Italy, receiving a scholarship that enabled them to enter the “G. Verdi” Music Conservatory in Milan, where they graduated under the guidance of Professor Carlo Levi Minzi.  They also pursued chamber music/ piano duo studies at the “International Piano Academy” in Imola, where they graduated cum laudeunder Professor Pier Narciso Masi.

Following their successful participation in several national and international competitions, the duo has developed an intense concert activity, performing in numerous prestigious venues, including the Romanian Athenaeum Concert Hall in Bucharest, the main hall of the G. Verdi Music Conservatory in Milan, at the Andhra Pradesh International Arts Festival in India, in Oslo at Hurum Hall of the Music Teacher’s Society and at the Steinway Hall in Hamburg, among others.  They enjoy regular appearances in Verona, where they currently reside, as well as extensive educational activities and projects throughout Italy.

In 2009, they were the first Young Steinway Artists pianists in Italy.

Laura and Beatrice are enthusiastic promoters of the piano duo repertoire also with their personal transcriptions for four hands and two pianos.

For over 15 years Laura and Beatrice together with the concert activity, they have developed many educational projects.  In 2008, they founded SferMusic, a music and arts International cultural association whose aim is to develop and promote the knowledge and appreciation of classic music, with a particular focus on younger generations.

The duo’s discography includes a CD featuring works by G. Gershwin and contemporary composers Sergio Calligaris and Fazil Say (SferMusic label, 2008), a CD of J. Brahms’s  complete works for 2 pianos (Carabà label, 1998), a DVD-documentary about the history of Steinway Pianos (“3 Centuries, 4 Hands, 1 Piano”, SferMusic label, 2011).  Their performances have been recorded and broadcast on several radios and TV channels, including Japan, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2013 they were granted the Honorary Citizenship of Sestino (Arezzo – Italy).

Since 2016 they have been assistants and researchers at the National University of Music of Bucharest, Doctorate in Interpretation and Musicology.

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“Laura & Beatrice Puiu sono uno dei più importanti duo pianistici a livello internazionale. Talento musicale e magnetismo rendono straordinarie le loro performance”. (Alberto Cima – Suonare News 2010) Steinway Artists la gemelle Laura e Beatrice, sono considerate enfants prodigues, studiano al rinomato Conservatorio “G. Enescu” di Bucarest, loro città natale, e si diplomano al Conservatorio “G. Verdi” di Milano come Soliste […]



Beatrice Puiu, Steinway Artist, è una delle più significative rappresentanti di interpreti pianistici internazionali, e forma il noto duo pianistico, assieme alla sorella gemella Laura, da oltre 30 anni. E’ la prima pianista italiana a ricevere l’ambìto titolo di “Young Steinway Artist” (2009) e, fra vari titoli onorifici ricevuti per meriti artistici, si ricorda la […]


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“Les soeurs jumelles Laura et Beatrice constituent un des plus importants duo pour piano du panorama artistico-musical international. Dotées d’un extraordinaire talent artistique et d’un grand magnetisme, elles possèdent d’exceptionnelles capacités; expressives, techniques et musicales, impregnées d’une superbe et geniale creativité interpretative.” (“Suonare News” 2010) Steinway Artists, nées à Bucarest, naturalisées italiennes, elles débutent l’étude du piano à […]